Advice Blog for the Festival Seekers

Here is everything you need to know about navigating Coachella!

FIRST you need to get your ticket.

If you were not able to buy a ticket when they first went on sale, don't fret! It is very easy to find people selling tickets, either on Stub Hub or check Craigslist. Make sure not to spend too much over face value! If you are patient, you will be able to find a ticket for a good price. Also, make sure to register your wristband when it comes in the mail! There is a code on the back of the wristband that you can log into the website.

SECOND you need to Car Camp!

Car camping is definitely the way to go when doing Coachella. All you need is a cooler of food, a tent to sleep in, and your friends to camp with. I would also recommend bringing all the essentials for camping, like a tooth brush, sunscreen, towel, facewash, etc. There are showers at the campsites, however, I recommend bringing gallons of water and making your own shower! If you need more help, check out this website.

THIRD you need to find clothes to wear!

It can get very hot at Coachella, so I would first recommend lathering up on sunscreen. You also want to dress for the occasion. You could spend money on a cute outfit, but I would recommend that you save that money for something else. You can find a cute, cheap outfit and still look Coachella ready. Try looking at thrift shops or borrowing clothes from friends. I also recommend bringing a hat or a bandana because it will help shade your face!

FOURTH you need to know who is playing at the venue!

Before you go to the concert, make a playlist on Spotify to get you pumped for the set list! Especially if there are new bands that you are interested in listening to!